Taipa Stock & Saloon Racing 09/10

'The Mecca of Speedway'

NBC Champs Kaikohe 6 & 7 Feb 2010

NBC NORTHLAND SPEEDWAY CHAMPS 2010 PHOTOS (report and videos below)







True Competitive Speedway Spirit


True competitive speedway spirit was alive and well at Kaikohe Speedway at the recent two day Northland Speedway Championships held there on 6 and 7 February 2010.


Throughout the four rounds of racing each day, both competitors and spectators were awarded the privilege of watching the very best of speedway racing to be seen in Northland for some time.


All drivers raced hard out each round during the two days to gain maximum points, and the racing grades represented at this year’s Northland Speedway Champs were; Ltd Saloon, ATV, Mens Production, C Grade Men, Super Saloons, Ladies Production, C Grade Ladies, B Grade Saloon, Super Production, and Mini Sprints.  Members from the four Northern Speedway Clubs, Kaikohe, Taipa, Whangarei, and Dargaville, were eligible to enter.


The competition highlights were predicted to include the father and son battle, Craig and Daniel De Waal, in Mens C Grade.  They didn’t disappoint.  Their two black Hondas diced and vied for the front running throughout the two day meet and points were close to the very last race.


Dave Clements and Jaeden Cross had everyone holding their breath as they each swapped and then regained the lead through the rounds.  Clements eventually gained the winning points by cool headed experienced driving.


Production Men were represented by many top notch National champion drivers and this grade became a fierce battle of the best.  Robin Grieve, Clint Marsh, Myles Greenwood, Rex Roycroft, and Bruce Mallindine, all had chances in the very best of production grade racing.  Robin Grieve and Myles Greenwood went into the last race with top points.  The passions had been building through the two days and resulted in rubbing incidents in the final race that saw Robin Grieve emerge as top points scorer overall.


Keith Wilson, Dan Oliver, and Anita Sloot had their Limited Saloons flying and each of them had wins on both days.  Wilson took the trophy, with Oliver second, and Sloot third.


The Super Saloons of Max Andresen, Bryan Armstrong, and Shane Hick were joined by Shane ‘Macca’ MacInteer for the second day’s racing.  Macca’s reputation for incredibly fast and spectacular driving at Kaikohe was put on show once again.  He had the spectators on their feet, and all eyes were on him as he powered his Super saloon ‘slideways’ through the corners lap after lap.


ATV rider, Darren Emm, left the field behind race after race.  His newly purchased  750ondacc $60,000 ATV showed true pace on the oval track.


Bruce Mallindine joined the Super production field of Tony Taylor, Boss Harris and George Price.  Mallindine’s Skyline had just had a major engine transplant and was just fired up and going one hour before racing started.  Without any run in it proved to be fast, and came in for a worthy third points place behind Harris, Taylor and Price.


Ladies Production drivers Stephanie Grieve, and Chloe Blacklock held out the challenges from Shirley Andresen and Didi Roycroft to take the trophy and second place respectively.


Carole Teixeira, Livvy Blacklock, and Melissa Timoti all repeated their podium presence from the year before in Ladies C Grade, but in a slightly different order.  Teixeira coming out the trophy winner this time.


Youth grade drivers Axel (Rosie) Crawford, and Dion Heron had great racing.  Both young drivers have just taken up the sport but both have improved their driving skills immensely in a short time.


Nic and Rose Sparrow rolled out their Mini Sprinters with Super Production grade and kept good pace.  Rose gained the most points for the weekend over husband Nic.


The trophies were once again shared out around the winning members representing their home tracks.  It was an exceptional weekend for all self proclaimed rev heads and families watching such high class competitive action.



Mens Production Race 1...


Mens Production Race 2...


Mens Production Race 3...


Mens Production Race 4...


Super Production Race 1... 


Super Production Race 2...


Super Production Race 3...


Super Production Race 4...




Limited Saloons Race 6...


 Limited Saloons Race 7...


 Super Production Race 5...


Super Production Race 6...


 Super Production Race 7...


 Super Production Race 8...


 Mens Production Race 6 Part 1...


Mens Production Race 6 Part 2....