Taipa Stock & Saloon Racing 09/10

'The Mecca of Speedway'

End of Year 2010 Prizegiving

2009/2010 Prizegiving Results and Report



Grade Champions & Honours Awards 2010


Grade Champions -

Mens Supers: 1 Max Andresen 37, 2 Geordie Inglis 34, 3 Brian Armstrong 27

Ladies Supers: 1 Shirley Andresen 6

Mens lTD: 1 Keith Wilson 56, 2 Jason Halliday 38, 3 Gary Ross 30

Ladies LTD: 1 Debbie Wilson 9

Mens B Grade: 1 Rob Weal 42, 2 Pip Jecentho 28, 3 Dave Clements 26

Ladies B Grade: 1 Amber O’Connell 9

Mens Stockcars: 1 Rob Anderson 51, 2 Ryan Carey 49, 3 Rob Teixeira 38

Ladies Stockcars: 1 Merie Perry 36, 2 Sue Waitford 21, 3 Leona Cameron 12

Mens Production: 1 Bruce Mallindine 122, 2 Grant Kidd 104, 3 Jaythan Swift 59

Ladies Production: 1 Carole Teixeira 49, 2 Shirley Andresen 24, 3 Carmen Berridge 15

Mens C Grade: 1 Craig DeWaal 100, 2 Tony Over 76, 3 Daniel DeWaal 60

Ladies C Grade: 1 Carole Teixeira 64, 2 Marilyn Field 41, 3 Sheryl DeWaal 36

Juniors: 1 Alan Wealleans 12, 2 Axel Crawford 11, 3 Shay Johns 3

Jalopies: 1 Rob Weal 37, 2 Max Allan 36, 3 Mark Oldfield 21


Honours Awards –

Driver of the Year for ‘Driving Excellence’: Pip Jecentho

Stockcar Stirrer of the Year: Rob Teixeira

Most Points Mens Driver: Bruce Mallindine

Most Points Lady Driver: Carole Teixeira

Senior Sportsperson of the Year: Max Andresen

Junior Sportsperson Of the year: Charlotte DeWaal

Most Improved Senior Driver: Jaythan Swift

Most Improved Junior Driver: Alan Wealleans

Most Improved Ladies Stockcars: Leona Cameron

Rookie of the Year: Tony Over

Grease Monkey Award: David Lockabie


Other Awards –

Most spectacular roll: Dave Clements

First car up the new bank: Daniel Field

Best stuck throttle performance: Rob Anderson

Most spectacular jalopy roll: Max Allan

Most enthusiastic passenger: Hayden Over

Most passenger rides of the year: Kathleen Allan

New Kaikohe driver most supportive: Gary Ross

New Kaikohe driver buying the biggest ‘lemon’: John Hussey



2009/2010 End of Year Prizegiving Report


The Taipa Stock and Saloon Car Club 2009/2010 season Annual Prizegiving and Dinner was held at The Park, Waipapkauri Ramp, on Saturday 3 July.  The Club would like to thank Rawden Petricevich and his family for helping with this event.


A large number of sponsors, drivers, families, and pit crews, attended to acknowledge the successes of the year after another great season, both on the home track, and away at other tracks around the country.


The ‘Driving Excellence’ award for driver of the year was presented to Pip Jecentho.  Max Andresen accepted both the Senior Sportsperson, and Mens Supers Champion awards, while Keith Wilson was awarded the Mens Limited Champion.


Most points overall for mens grades went to Bruce Mallindine with 122 points for the season, as well as the Mens Production Champion trophy.  Rob Weal took both the Mens B Grade Champion and Jalopies Champion, and Craig DeWaal the Mens C Grade Champion.


Rookie of the year was awarded to driver Tony Over.  Over’s first year of speedway gained him second place overall in Mens C Grade.  Most points overall, for ladies grades, was presented to Carole Teixeira with both the Ladies Production Champion and Ladies C Grade Champion trophies.


Mens Stockcars Champion was awarded to Rob Anderson who gained just enough points to head off last year’s champion, Ryan Carey.  The Stockcar Stirrer of the year went to Rob Teixeira.  Ladies Stockcars most improved was awarded to Leona Cameron, and Ladies Stockcars Champion to Merie Perry.


Junior Sportsperson of the year was presented to Charlotte DeWaal, and the junior driver most improved to Alan Wealleans.  The grease monkey award for valuable help with race day equipment and infield was awarded to David Lockabie.


Video highlights during the evening included footage from racing on Percy Poharama’s new Taipa speedway in the early 90’s, late 90’s racing, and Waikaraka Park highlights from the current season featuring Roy Walker and Max Andresen.


Taipa Stock and Saloon Car Club’s AGM will be held on Sunday 15 August, 1pm at the Marae.  Anyone who would like to join in and help with speedway at Taipa is invited to attend.